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editor with writer ProCritiques ™ offer you a 1-on-1 session with a professional EDITOR who will read and edit/review a portion of your manuscript via our advanced submission process. The roster varies by conference, and not all participate in the Advanced Submission ProCritique program. Please read the bios of each carefully to determine the most appropriate reviewer to read and edit your work. Specifically-requested Reviewers are not guaranteed, so select more than one choice where available in your order of preference.

This programs is a terrific way to get constructive, professional feedback and advice on your work. You simply submit the required pages or chapter of your manuscript or screenplay to be read in advance of an in-person appointment at the conference.


  • You must be registered for the conference.
  • We use the term "Reviewer" to refer to all editors, publishers, and agents.
  • All manuscripts are submitted electronically -- a simple process if you follow the guidelines. (We do not accept advanced hard printed copies of manuscripts.)
    The Reviewer will review your work and print a hard copy for your appointment.
  • You may apply for as many ProCritique reading appointments as the Reviewer will accept. Each has different requirements, so read their submission specs thoroughly.
  • Include a one-page synopsis of the entire project.
  • Conference fee, advance reading fee and submissions must be received no later than the deadline date to participate in the program. You must register for the conference first, then apply for ProCritiques and submit your work as a part of the application process »
  • For ProCritiques, submit a digital copy of the first 10-20± pages of your manuscript (based on what the individual agent or editor asks for.)
    • Pages must be typed, double-spaced;
    • Courier or Times (New Roman) font,
    • 12 point type size
    • Your name on each page at the top with a page number.
    • Format the work in MS Word and save in a "doc" or "RTF" format.
    • Do not submit a PDF.
  • Submissions must be received by the deadline date. The earlier the better. Late submissions may not be accepted. Reviewers have limited time to read and edit your material before a conference, so they need the manuscripts in a timely fashion.

NOTE: We make every reasonable attempt to schedule your 1-on-1 session with Reviewers in advance of the conference. This means that the times for other attendees to meet agents is limited by the agents schedule and availability. Masters ProCritique Participants receive first choice of appointments, which may be scheduled in advance. The remaining balance of the calendar for free consultation / pitch sessions is available the first day of the conference. Most slots are filled by those who register for the full event.

A free pitch appointment calendar will be located at the conference 1-on1 Management Desk. Each reviewer will have a separate sheet under their name. Appointments are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Each appointment may vary in time and detail as determined by the individual reviewer. They are welcome to spend additional time with you at their discretion.

The application process takes a few simple steps:

  1. editor with writer Complete the Application Form with your personal information, and titles of the project(s) you are submitting.
  2. Select the type (ProCritique or Masters ProCritique) and
    click to pay. This will take you to the shopping cart.
  3. Enter the quantity of critiques and pay securely Online.
  4. NOTE: You will then be linked to a "Thank You" Page.
    Select the link to generate a confidential email where you will indicate the names of the editors / publishers / agents in your order of preference, then attach your manuscript and synopsis, and submit.

Please READ and follow submission guidelines completely. We will email you and confirm receipt of your material. Missed consultation appointments will not be rescheduled or refunded. Do not submit material by USPS -- it will be returned unopened. Best of luck on your journey to publication and success as an author.

Deadline Dates. Your manuscript must be received by the deadlines as follows.

  Conference Dates & Deadlines   Advanced Submission Reading Fee
Digital Author
  Editors   Agents &
Critique Fee June 01 October 01 February 01   $50 @   $100 @

Also available are Masters ProCritiques with Literary Agents, Managers, and Publishers

A Literary Agent of your 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd choice will read and critique the first pages of your project in advance, and then meet with you at the conference. Meeting times vary by agent. Each accepts a different quantity of pages (see their bio for details). There is a fee per submission.

  Apply for Advanced Submission ProCritique with Professional Editors »»