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About Us (continued)
  • Cost-effective. It has become financially unattainable for many writers to attend conferences with registration fees that range from $425 to $650, and even higher. And that doesn't include the cost of hotels, meals and other expenses. Do you have any friends who are "rich" writers?

    WC2 makes every effort to keep our conferences affordable by staging them at facilities with a lower overhead, and offer amenities more inline with your financial resources. This makes it feasible for more writers to attend, which offsets the lower pricing. Save money. Learn more.

  • Friendly Atmosphere. Conferences are often held at community colleges and educational facilities where we have a more friendly focused, learning environment. WC2 is owned and operated by writers, so we work to create a welcoming atmosphere. Our staff is selected for their expertise and friendly attitude – no one dictates sermons from the mount. It is important that you feel a part of our family.

Los Angeles Valley College
Above all, we're dedicated to providing you with a quality event with the best resources available in an affordable and exciting environment, without undue distractions.