West Coast Writers Conferences Logo and Type
Executive Director: Tony N. Todaro
Director of Finances: Lillian M. Todaro
Operations Manager: Brian Uptgraft
Retreats Manager: Chris Bailey-Smith
Hotel Liaison: Michelle Pincus
Attorney: Paul S. Levine, Esq.
CPA: Joan Resnick
Director of Marketing and Programming: Tony N. Todaro
Admissions Managers: Judith Swanson, Sarah Long
Admissions Staff: Elaine Mura
Doug Pease
Mary Pease
Faculty / Guests of Honor Liaison: Leslie Ann Moore
Michelle Pincus
Staff: (varies per event)
ProCritique Coordinators Toni Nelson, Lillian M. Todaro
LAVC Liaison: Dan Watanabe
Staff: (varies per event)
Green Room/Con Ops Managers: Toni and Carl Nelson
Mr. Muscles, Security Aaron Mason, Brian Upgraft
Faculty: (varies per event)

We also want to thank the many volunteers from the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, Los Angeles Valley College, and others who saw the need and devoted the time and expertise to fill it. Without your support and dedication, these events would not be possible, financially or logistically.