Masters Workshop

"Steven (Hutson's) Master Workshop was fantastic. Lots of info and lots of note taking. Well, except for the self publishing bits. I already decided from the start that's not for me - for pretty much the reasons Steven stated." - Dennis Amador Cherry

Thanks to Toni Lopopolo for an excellent four hour writing workshop... It was interesting and informative, helped me and I’m sure others present to
move forward with our writing. The material you shared was interesting,
relevant, and informative. You injected humor into the proceedings and provided on-going opportunities for active participation. Most of all, I was impressed with how you validated the work of each participant after you read and critiqued the first chapter of his or her work. You were tactful in your comments and balanced criticism with positive comments. I appreciate having had the opportunity to participate in (Toni Lopopolo's Masters Workshop.)... was the most valuable aspect of the conference along with the pre critique of my work that you did and the recommendations of specific titles of books on how to write fiction and narrative nonfiction, and how to self-edit. - Dr. Frances Collato

Toni Lopopolo: Thanks for the insightful workshop. Besides the points on writing skills I appreciated your practical suggestions about reading the NY Times Review of Books, getting e-books and industry insider knowledge eg, power of Bertelsmann (who I have some knowledge of from my 5 years in France). Happy trails.-- George Edward Gore, Author & Chief Creative Officer, Le Bal des Huissiers (Paris Goddess), 48 rue Laugier, Paris 75017 France

Toni Lopopolo: Thank you for the outstanding writing workshop you offered last Sunday at the Los Angeles Valley College. Those who are hungry about crafting memoir need only to sit at your table. They will be fed! I especially liked the small group structure, because it allowed a close working relationship with instructor and attendees. I liked how you critiqued each participant's submission and offered praise and suggestions to help further their writing. I learned something important from each story shared, such as how to deal with description, pacing, or character development. Plus lots more. Finally, thank you for that dash of humor sprinkled throughout the workshop. I felt relaxed and comfortable while I learned the do's and don'ts from a true industry expert! Katherine Manley

Writers Conferences

I have attended two of your conferences at LA Valley College and those were the only two conferences I had ever attended until ... I went to Author 101. Tony, I have to tell you, even though I loved your conference in the past, after having attended the Author 101 - I REALLY LOVE YOUR CONFERENCE! You make it so comfortable for everyone attending - you personalize it - it is informative and "real". I can not wait until the next one and the next one and the ... well, you get my point. Thank you so much for hosting these events! - Channon Miller

Many thanks to you and your staff for all the work in putting together the recent conference. It was most informative and helpful. I learned a great deal and made some useful connections. I look forward to seeing you again. - Stephen A. Geller

I want to thank you again for the (Anvnual Greater Los Angeles Writers) conference in June. To say I learned so much from the conference – is an understatement. I found myself often overwhelmed and excited at the same time. All the speakers and agents were just wonderful and so accessible, which was a pleasant surprise. The attendees were so nice, I made many friends. Andy Ross was so much fun and informative to talk to, it was like talking to an old friend. I thoroughly enjoyed his company. Thank you again for the full access to the conference. I will never forget it. -  Devon Gupta

I wanted to thank Tony and Lilly for all the work you two have done with the Writers Conference this year. Even though I only attended for one day, I learned a great deal. Also, I was ... in the late afternoon session about getting a publishing deal with Gemini Adams and, in our group, we had a person who was rather opinionated, to say the least. Please let her know that, while dispensing valuable information to the rest of the group, she handled this individual with a graciousness and decorum that I could not have mustered (and I deal with unruly high schoolers in my day job). Since I did not have a chance to thank her directly, I was hoping you could do so on my behalf.
- Dave Milbrandt

To Tony and Lilly and all the silent helpers: what a challenging weekend. I’ve a lot to live up to and received precise, evaluation of my first meager efforts from a couple of pros (Christine and Jennifer) plus the bonus of meeting a few like minded authors and agents. The irrepressible Steve Barnes generates so much enthusiasm and energy he’s a conference by himself. Thank you for all your selfless efforts. - Barry "BJ" Schweiger
"My first time at the West Coast Writers Conference was fantastic! I met so many helpful people, it was easy to register and the panels were very informative. I also met two agents who requested that I send a synopsis and a book chapter to them - thrilling! Thanks Tony and Lily, for putting on this event." - Lisa Carroll

Thank you for the learning experience at the Digital Author’s conference. It presented me and my daughter with valued information that will help us launch my e-book, Encounter One, Static. We made valuable contacts that we intend to keep and utilize for our growth as publishers. As well, we wish to keep in contact by joining future workshops, and look into the possibility of joining the GLAWS organization. - Carlotta Ward (C. R. Swainward)

Your organization just keeps getting better and better. - Cindy Tanasin, attendee

Thank YOU, Tony. It was another terrific experience! As always, due to you and your excellent staff! Helga Schier, PhD

On Monday, I start working with a client who heard me speak 2 years ago at one of your conferences! I can't believe she kept my information all this time. It's a huge project and will be quite lucrative. Thank you!

I have participated as a faculty member at several WC2 writers and self-publishing conferences. It has been a very positive experience, in terms of networking, gaining new clients, and learning from other speakers. —Marla Markman, owner of Markman Editorial Services

I started writing my novel a little over ten years ago. Being a full-time teacher and mother left me only weekends to write, but I kept at it. I had a lot of support and encouragement from writers' groups, my writing coach, classes at UCLA and writers' conferences I attended. I became a GLAWS member at the Festival of Books a few years ago. When I finally finished my novel, I started looking for an agent. One rejection letter after another came and I started to consider something I hadn't previously thought was the road to take: self-publishing. I attended the (Digital Author and Indie-Publishing) Writer's Conference last fall on self-publishing and what I heard made me realize I needed to get my book out there myself. Then I stopped by... Gliterary Girl Media who offered help with social media and getting connected to a world I knew very little about navigating. A few months later Gliterary Girl Media introduced me to the publisher at a new small publishing company called 4Word Press. The next thing I knew, I was signing a contract and planning book signings. My novel, The Three Graces is a story of discovery, of admitting to truths that have been buried, and of letting go of a past that hinders the present. It is a story about choices: life or death, fear or desire, dreams or drudgery.- Michele Wolfe

The AGLAWC 2013 conference was friendly, informative, fun, inspiring -- all that. I came away with countless ideas for improving my manuscript. Many thanks to Tony and Lilly. I look forward to seeing you both at another event. Sincerely, Diana Mathur
The climate of WC conferences is intimate as compared to some of the mega conferences I've attended. I enjoyed the more casual, friendly atmosphere and the smaller groups of the Genre LA conference. It all seemed more personal and the presenters were engaged with their audience. Both speakers were a powerhouse of inspiration and information. I also sat in on Dan Watanabe’s Renegade group on Sunday. He’s quite a storyteller. Fun to pick his brain that’s packed with an incredible amount of knowledge about the movie business. I’m now quite motivated to continue on with my screenplay so looking forward to the June conference and the screenwriting track. Will be working towards that end. Thanks for a great conference! – Rita Turner
The Conference was awesome. I learned a great deal of important thing yesterday that well help my writing. Also, I spoke with an agent, and that went well. I have great expectation for today's conference. My objective is to learn as much as I can and to meet as many people as I can. thanks, John Johnson, Pastor, RAS, CSC Author of, Wrongly Diagnosed: The Addiction and Recovery Conspiracy in High Places
I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to create a wonderful conference. Ingrid, Rondi, Kathleen, and Heather all told me they learned a lot and were grateful for the experience of the conference. I personally found the seminars and presenters were of a higher caliber this year. Thanks again for providing such a valuable opportunity for writers in the community. -- Leonard Szymczak

Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity of participating in the WC Writers Conference. It's a terrific event and I congratulate you on the planning it takes to bring it off well! I've heard good things in the past, and I'm glad to have been a part of it this time. It was obvious that the presenters as well as the attendees found it valuable. Thanks again. Flo Selfman President, IWOSC, PR Consultant, Copyeditor

I would like to express my appreciation for the scholarship I received (as an employee of the County of Los Angeles Public Library) to attend the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference this past weekend... it was a great opportunity to meet so many people passionate about writing and improving their craft. You did an excellent job of finding quality speakers as well as arranging such a diverse selection of panels. I liked the diversity of writers on the panels. Fascinating to hear about a subject from so many different points of view. It was hard to decide which lecture I wanted to listen to most. -The intimate, interactive atmosphere. Smaller sessions induced lots of Q & A; appreciated the handouts that some panelist distributed. -The lack of pressure to buy authors' products or services. -Detailed maps and e-mails leading up to the event.   Favorite speakers: Michael Fleeman, Marcia Meier, Claire Gerus, Randy Kuckuck

For the price, depth, and diversity of the conference, it's a great value. Looking forward to the Digital Author and Self-Publishing Conference in October!   Thanks,   Sandy Pierce

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the conference. I had a great time ... and hope that the attendees in my workshops walked away feeling that they benefited from my sessions. I see this as a wonderful opportunity to help other writers in their quest for knowledge. Best, Terry Ambrose

I want to thank you so much for bringing me aboard the faculty for the Greater LA Writers Conference. I had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed both the format and quality of the panels, and most of all, met a lot of new friends. It's always interesting to work at a specific conference for the first time, but I felt so welcomed by you, your team, and the others who are regulars. Have a good restful next few days, and again, my deepest thanks. Warmly, Bob Yehling
The Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference provides a solid introduction to the business and art of writing, be it a screenplay, memoir, novel or short story.
– Gayle Bartos-Pool

Tony, thanks for putting this conference on. It was extremely informative and interesting, and it made going back to my mundane work week really tough come Monday morning ... The three speakers I was most impressed with were Leonard Szymczak and also took the time to have a few in-depth one-on-one discussions with me; Matt Pallamary, who was a panelist on three of the sessions I sat in on and always made excellent points in a very pithy way; and Toni Lopopolo, who provided very useful resources, recommendations and pointers. I am sure all three of these speakers will influence my writing. I’ll be attending more of these. Thanks again. – Jeff Pollak
Tony, It was nice to meet you and be in one of your workshops (the one where we all agreed that writer’s block is a misnomer). I want to thank you for bringing together such wonderful speakers. Every one of the workshops I attended were rich in information and things that I either didn’t know or that were welcome refreshers. Good job, – Cristina Alvarado
Thank YOU, Tony, and your staff. I had a great time and only wish I could have attended multiple days. Something to look forward to next year! – Brian McGovney
I thought it was a great conference! ... the sessions I attended were terrific (Terry Whalin, Toni Lopopolo and of course John Vorhous at lunch). Congrats. – Idelle Davidson
The conference was fabulous, and I hope all involved are basking in the energy of a job very well done. I found every workshop and Ironside presentation to be useful in my journey towards becoming a published writer. On the top of my best workshop list is Sherwood Smith's "Why the first three pages/chapters of you story are crucial, but so many presenters contributed to my growing sense of myself as a writer. I loved the differing points of view about publishing from Poynter to Vorhaus to Kuckuck. Maralys Wills and Matt Pallamary were great in their workshop on memoir writing. Leonard Sczymczak was probably the most dynamic workshop leader. While these were standout presenters to me, every presenter brought his/her unique perspective to workshop attendees, and there were no strike-outs. As I said, it was a fabulous conference. I'm deeply grateful to GLAWS for (sponsoring) it, and I look forward to many more wonderful writing experiences as a new member. – Joy Wassel
Thank you so much for including me in your program for your writers conference ... I thought you folks did a tremendous job. Will write again if I think of any advice on how to make the conference better. I thought the volunteers were so nice, friendly and helpful. Ciao for now! Robin Quinn
Great event Tony! You should be very proud. It will just get better and bigger every year! Deborah Pratt
Thank you ... for making us feel so included in such a new experience for us. We loved it all and we found it very exciting. Best wishes on your next conference and may it be even more successful. Love and light, Amber Silverstar
Thanks to you both for making the conference so enjoyable. The rest of your crew kept things running smoothly, and I heard many of the attendees say how much they were learning. I did have many attendees say they enjoyed particular presentations, so I think overall they came away with some helpful pointers. Thanks for inviting me. I wish you all well in the future. Gayle Bartos-Pool
Thank you so much for the wonderful conference. It was enlightening and entertaining, and it exceeded my expectations in all respects. I am looking forward to more events organized by you. – Hans Zimmermann :-)
Many many thanks for a wonderful conference event. Appreciated all your efforts and took away so much information i am still chewing it over. Thank you, Patricia Sonsini
As usual, you put on an excellent event. You're awesome at that!– Elaine Wilkes
I had a fantastic time. I really enjoyed the (short story) panel I was on and the two authors that I was with. The audience was attentive and really enjoyed it. I'd love to be a part of it again. Best, Joni Labaqui
The conference was wonderful - a "total immersion" in writing and book marketing, thanks to a schedule filled with so many speakers and topics. I especially enjoyed Sherwood Smith, Leonard Szymeszek and Marlys Wills. I appreciated when a speaker (Gayle Bartos-Pool) was well-prepared with handouts and/or outlines. Deborah Pratt was delightful to listen to. I'd rather see her do her own talk rather than as a panelist. Thanks again for all your work and preparation. Janine Lehrer
Thanks so much for such an interesting, successful day—I really enjoyed wrangling and hearing great speakers. The last panel was really excellent. It struck me while ... that these events really make us feel like real writers, and not just people indulging ourselves in a hobby, trying to fulfill childhood dreams ... I've met wonderful people at every event. – Ester Shifren
Just a brief note to say thank you for the opportunity to speak and attend the Writers Conference this past weekend. I had an excellent time. I attend a number of conferences every years and it was a delight to find a group of people as dedicated to both doing excellent work AND have a good time in the process. I learned a great deal and met some fascinating people. Please feel free to contact me in the future if I can help your great organization, and I look forward to talking with you again soon. – Art Holcomb
It was a splendid conference ... even with the short time I was there, I was incredibly impressed with the wonderful, smart, savvy and dedicated group of writers in attendance, and I feel humbled myself to have been included in the program. Cheers, Lisa Cron
I want to tell you one more time just how proud I am to have been a part of that conference. It was totally professional in every way, thanks in no small part to your leadership. Bravo!!
– Leslie Ann Moore