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West Coast Writers Conferences has a team of advance planners and on-site managers, but we are always in need of experience qualified volunteers to help at events and ensure that the proceedings flow smoothly. Whether it’s a few hours helping unload (or pack up), a day staffing tables during the event, or seeing to the comfort of attendees, your help is invaluable in making each conference a success and positive experience for everyone.

Perks for Volunteers

Beyond our undying love and appreciation, there are lots of perks for part-time volunteers:

  • Free admission to the keynote address
  • Free munchies and beverages (at some events)
  • A free pass to attend any workshops and/or panels that are a part of the conference -- when you are not on active duty.
  • Reduced parking cost and easy access.
  • Other perks may be offered on an event-by-event basis.

What We Expect From Volunteers

panelWe expect ALL "Hospitality Staff" Volunteers to be polite and courteous to all attendees and fellow staffers, as if they were a guest in your home. We want every attendee to have a great educational and inspirational experience.

We have various needs at various times on various days. The following is a list of departments and job descriptions where help is needed. We prefer members of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society in good standing, but will always welcome a fresh, experienced hand at our events. TEAMWORK makes the Dreamwork.

Health and Safety:

Everyone from faculty to hotel staff to volunteers to attendees MUST provide proof that they are fully-vaccinated and boostered against the coronavirus and any variations of pandemic. You will also wear an approved MASK and observe all health and safety requirement of the hotel and City of Los Angeles/Culver City. If you are sick, do not attend. We will have extra masks, gloves, and sanitizers for those in need. There are no exceptions to these guidelines.



If you are "out-going" and enjoy being front-and-center, you might volunteer at Registration. First impressions count and we want everyone to feel welcome! Good energy and a Positive Mental Attitude is essential. Plus, you get to know the people at the conference better and feel like an integral part of the action.

Duties include welcoming and checking in the pre-registered attendees, selling at-the-door memberships for the conference and for the Keynote Speaker Addresses, and additional offerings, such as ProCritiques, and/or special agenda workshops.

It helps if you are familiar with Apple computers, including the iMac and iBook. We use Filemaker Pro to run operations, which is fully templated with easy to use pages. You simply fill in the form and print out the badges (for on-site registrations). We use a double monitor (mirrored screen) system, so that you can see from your side of the desk what someone is typing on their side. Training is available.

You may be responsible to hand out badges/wristbands and attendee packs, keeping a tally of paid attendees, and hanging with cool people. We want every attendee to get their credentials, and a free goodie bag with a program, maps and promotional freebies -- but not more than one.

We want our faculty/speakers to receive the same swag bag, a table tent (Stand-up signs with their name printed on the front) and other faculty-related info (such as directions to the Green Room, if the event offers one)

Cash should be handled only by our treasurer, or her designated assistant at registration. We use debit and credit card swipers, which makes payment simple. Unless you have a felony record for grand theft or something nefarious, we welcome your kind assistance and the chance hang out with cool people!

If you arrive in a bad mood, we may assign you elsewhere -- perhaps the parking lot.

Vendors / Exhibitors / Sponsors / Writer Club Tables (Resource Row):

We need a few volunteers to help these resources move their displays in and perhaps help them set up. It's not a big job, but we want them to feel welcome and taken care of. We also need someone to oversee the area each day to be sure everyone is happy during the day and that their displays are secured overnight.

We do NOT recommend leaving, nor are we responsible for any property left unattended or overnight.

Have people skills and a great smile? Be a greeter and bag check helper! Have strong muscles? Help us set up and take down the event.

Green Room: (not all events)

No handling money here. Duties include: Keeping tables clean, keeping snacks stocked, icing down sodas, stocking drinks, counting people to let Door Dragons know how many people to let in, letting Con Op's host know of any problems, help sponsors set up, and giving info to con members.

Only extra-courteous, helpful volunteers needed here to help keep our faculty and Guests of Honor happy.

Door/Badge Checks:

At WC2 events, people do need stinkin’ badges for access! The duty of a Door Dragon is to protect the entrances of programming rooms and the Faculty/Talent Green Room and Staff Con Ops to be sure that people entering have a valid badge and reason to be there. If a badge is not visible, politely asking whether the person has a one. If not, kindly direct them to Registration. You do not need to stand your whole shift – you may sit.

Loaders/Unloaders (MOVERS & SHAKERS – Very Important):

We need the most help on Friday morning and Sunday afternoon. Exact times are determined at the Advanced Run-through Meeting and based on the program hours.

We need to unload everything for the event and set up in various locations. We are practically a self-sufficient traveling road show with our own sound system for the main room, registration supplies, food, beverages, printers,digital projectors, green room essentials, swag bags, plus signage to direct attendees around the facility.

Set-up includes:

  • place signage around the hotel or campus
  • set up sound systems
  • place signs on rooms
  • prep the goodie bags
  • all the usual last minute stuff

Friday, Saturday, Sunday:

  • Help with Registration each day at the front desk and on the second floor
  • Staff the Green Room
  • Help our VIP Liaison Manger keep our speakers and guests informed and happy
  • Help our Executive Director wherever needed
  • Help setup the Keynote Lunch Sat & Sun
  • Staff the GLAWS table for information and new membership
  • Whatever we missed...:-)

On Sunday, the process goes in reverse – moving everything out of the facility, into transport vans, and back to the storage locations. The goal is to leave the host facility in better shape than we found it, thank you.

You must be able to lift at least 25 pounds without difficulty, and have a safety-conscious focus.

General Maintenance

Please help help keep the facility and classrooms clean. Be aware of garbage and quickly dispose of it in the proper bin.


We rarely have issues with unruly attendees, or fights -- other than the usual healthy diversity of opinion on any given topic. Should a security problem arise, please use the WC2 walkie-talkies or call for assistance. Never put yourself in harms way.


We do not tolerate rudeness, bullying, or disrespect of anyone. Please review and familiarize yourself with our Terms of Conditions and Code of Conduct

What Volunteers do NOT have free access to...

We want you to benefit from the workshops and panels along with the rest of us. However, you do not have free access to the extra-fee workshops, boot camps, private consultations with editors or agents, Pro Critiques, pitch sessions, or keynote lunch buffet.

Advance Run-Through Meeting

For some special events, lead volunteers and staff are invited to attend an organizational meeting/ brunch usually held one week or day before the event. While we don't hold these meetings often, it is to perform a "paper walk through" of the event schedule, review the highlights, assign volunteer positions and duties, have you sign up for preferred time slots.

The meal is our treat. All volunteers are very much appreciated!

If you have questions, please email our Volunteer Coordinator: Lillian Todaro
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