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Saturday Keynote Speaker

  Saturday Keynote Luncheon
June 23, 2018

"Welcome to Your Book Deal!"

Katharine Sands

Literary agent Katharine Sands will reveal changes in the literary marketplace that are happening in a multi-verse of ways. The way we think about text and storytelling is being utterly transformed... We are all embracing and/or charging ahead to the new roles/new worlds that surround us climatically.

Sunday Keynote Speaker Sunday Keynote Luncheon
June 24
, 2018
"The Annual Business of Writing Round Table"

Learn from a panel of Literary Agents, CPAs, and Attorneys about copyrights and trademarks, when your work is protected, what you can legally deduct from your taxes as a writer, when do you need a literary agent, your responsibilites after signing, what's the state of the publishing industry, and much much more.

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