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"7 Reasons Why Hollywood Might Lose Interest In Your Book -
And 7 Ways You Can Increase Your Chances for Success! "

The demand by Hollywood for interesting ideas and stories has never been greater, and they love to find that content in books. Yet many times authors don’t include (or incorporate) some basic things that make Hollywood want to option a book and develop it for the screen. There might be initial interest because of a compelling title or summary, but they don’t move forward to finalize a deal. 

Working with authors and Hollywood over the past decade, ALC President Keith Ogorek has seen this happen too many times. In this webinar, he will share 7 things he has observed that cause interest to wane and 7 things you can do to avoid these mistakes and take advantage of the growing demand for your content in Hollywood. 

Keith will also answer relevant questions live via Zoom.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to improve your chances for success as an author!
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