Including the Best of the GenreLA™ Speculative Fiction , BCX™ Boot Camp Xtreme, and the Digital Author & Indie Publishing Conferences
  • Are you writing your first novel or screenplay? 
  • Do you want to improve your skills at the craft of writing? 
  • Do you have a work-in-progress you want help polishing?  
  • Do you need help to develop a screenplay, or graphic novel? 
  • Do you want to take your skills as an author to the next level?
  • Do you have a polished manuscript and need an agent? 
  • Are you looking to learn about the business of publishing?
  • Have you found your voice as an author, and are you using it?
  • Are you getting the most story out of your premise?
  • Do your characters lack originality – do they feel the same?
  • Have your characters kidnapped the plot and gone off the reservation?
  • Do you need a “kick in the pants” to finish a manuscript?
  • Do you have a finished MS and need professional advice to polish it?
  • Are you ready to pitch agents & publishers, but don’t have access to the right ones?
  • Do you need help building a platform to promote your work?
  • Have you taken advantage of the Digital Author, BCX Creative Writing, Big Story, Genre-LA Writers Conferences, and wish you could get more?
If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, then the
California Creative Writers Conference™ 2020 is for you!

Why this Conference is Unique -- and Better

The CCWC™ is a great opportunity for you to receive educational and inspirational guidance from more than 40 literary agents, veteran educators, industry professionals, professional editors, and publishers in the craft and business of writing fiction, nonfiction, and screenwriting taught by Hollywood veterans.

CCWC incorporated the finest elements of three popular writers conferences:

GenreLA™ Speculative Fiction Writers Conference

No matter what genre you are writing, this is a unique venue to learn how to visualize brave new worlds of wonder, create compelling memorable characters (both human and otherwise), plot and structure amazing story lines using your unique imagination, then write blockbuster stories, award-winning novels, screenplays and graphic novels.

Digital Author™ and Indie Publishing Conference

It's the golden age for writers and your best chance of getting published -- or learn how to DIY. And now you can elevate your writing to the next level at the best conference for creative writers of all genres and disciplines. The Annual Digital Author and Indie / Self-Publishing Writers Conference is ideal for every author who wants to take advantage of the “Golden Age of Publishing.” Learn how to write and sell in the Brave New World of E-Books, Audio Books, DIY & Indie Publishing. Learn how to market your brand and products in an increasingly digital world where the giants include Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo, Author Solutions, and other digital resources -- as well as the "Big Five" New York publishers. As the modern publishing marketplace evolves, more authors are making their books available through a growing wealth of Indie and mid-sized publishers, or becoming a DIY publisher. DAISP will demystifies the new technologies and marketing methodologies, and reveal how each can work for you. This conference will feature a stellar lineup of industry experts, educators, and best-selling authors who will help you achieve success, no matter what path you choose. DAISP can not only improve your sales, it may change your life as an author.

BCX™ Writers Boot Camp Xtreme

BCX – Boot Camp Xtreme Creative Writing is for all serious writers of fiction, nonfiction, and short stories. It is the perfect pre-publication vehicle for every author who wants to improve their writing skills, revise and polish a manuscript, then guide it to publication. It is a respectful “kick in the pants” to minimize bad writing habits while teaching you proven disciplines to elevate your writing to a higher level. BCX will help you analyze your work, identify and fix issues, and develop all aspects of a better story including memorable characters, solid structure, a solid plot, as well as a professional synopsis and query letter that sells.

plus...Meet and Pitch Literary Agents, Scouts, and Editors

As always, we will have a full compliment of literary agents, literary scouts, editors, and publishers looking for new talent with polished manuscripts. Details and Learn more here ...Over the course of more than two dozen WC2 conferences, our attendees have earned agent representation and numerous book deals. Are you next?

Register now and get Early-bird tuition discounts (financing available) which includes a full weekend of of workshops, lectures, free 1-on-1 pitch sessions with literary agents, editors and publishers, swag bags with books, and much more. Most packages include a Keynote Address Buffet luncheon. All include admission to the "Gathering of Writers" on Friday and Saturday nights, plus the late night Renegade read and critique workshop.

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March 20-22 2020

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