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There are multiple events every day (and most evenings), so come early and plan to stay late. Our Keynote Luncheon is a great opportunity for you to hear from the brightest voices in the world ofwriting and publishing. Details and Learn more here ...You can also meet and mingle with literary agents, best-selling authors and industry pros at the "Gathering of Writers" cocktail parties and dinners.

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You also have access to Resource Row where you can network with industry resources, receive information and special deals on related services and products including books, CDs, MP3s, software, and other programs of interest to writers. If you are serious about your writing, no matter the genre, you must attend this important educational and inspirational conference.

studentsWest Coast Writers Conferences provides writers of all genres and levels with a cost-effective education in the craft and business of writing through these unique events. Whether you are just getting started, have a work-in-progress, or are a published / self-published author looking to improve your writing and increase chances of getting new works published, these events are for you!

Register now and get Early-bird tuition discounts (financing available) which includes the full weekend of of workshops, lectures, free 1-on-1 pitch sessions with literary agents, editors and publishers, swag bags with books, and much more. Most packages include a Keynote Address Buffet luncheon. Register Now!All include admission to the "Gathering of Writers" on Friday and Saturday nights, plus the late night Renegade workshop, and the Sunday Great Beginnings live read and critique workshops.

March 20-22 2020

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