Education & Inspiration in the
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Genre-La™ Writers Conference
WC proudly presents our 22nd conference for writers.The Genre-LA™ Creative Writing Conference is the perfect venue to meet and learn from more than 30 best-selling authors of genre novels, literary agents, editors, publishers, industry experts, Hollywood veterans, educators, and publishing professionals who will share their wisdom and experience to help take your writing to the next level and guide your career on the path to success.

Education and Inspiration for All Writers

No matter what genre you are writing, this is a unique opportunity to learn how to develop ideas, visualize brave new worlds of wonder, create compelling memorable characters (both human and otherwise), plot and structure amazing story lines with imagination, and develop award-winning novels, screenplays and graphic novels.

Plus, you can learn more about the business of writing, how to build a platform, engage successfully in marketing and social networking, plus expand your knowledge of copyrights, trademarks, and more. You will also learn how to edit and polish your novels and screenplays, then pitch to literary agents in the right market.

The conference is ideal for all aspiring, active, and accomplished writers who want to improve the quality of their work, and increase chances for success as an author.Details and Learn more here ...

Meet and Pitch Literary Agents and Publishers

As always, we have a full compliment of literary agents, and publishers looking for new talent with polished manuscripts. Details and Learn more here ...Over our last 18 WC2 conferences and workshops, attendees have earned agent representation and numerous book deals.

Social & Networking Events

There is something planned for each day and most evenings, so come early and plan to stay late.Plus, don't miss our no-host cocktail party on Friday night, Details and Learn more here ...early breakfast brainstorms,and late night renegade read and critique round tables.

Register now and get Early-bird tuition discounts (financing available) which includes three days of workshops, lectures, free 1-on-1 pitch sessions with literary agents, editors and publishers, a swag bag, and much more. Most packages include Keynote Address buffet luncheons Register Now!and admission to the Gathering of Writers no-host cocktail parties and dinners.

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Feb. 22-24, 2019

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