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Masters workshops are half-day, full-day, two-day, and/or on-going  intensive sessions with veteran educators, literary agents, industry experts, and best-selling authors. Locations and tuition fees vary. Classes are limited in size, so you get the maximum benefit. These Workshops are a terrific opportunity for writers of novels, short stories, screenplays--both fiction and nonfiction--to take their writing to the next level and increase the chances for success.

Paul S. Levine, Esq.
Paul S. Levine, Esq.

"The Legal and Business Aspects of
Turning Literary Material and True-Life Stories
into Movies and Television Programs"

Writing a book or a screenplay is just the first step in developing literary material or a true life story into a viable television show or movie. There's potentially a sea of legal hurdles to clear your property and protect a publisher's or the studio's "buy-in" as well as your financial insterests and Intellectual Property rights. One of the best legal experts on the West Coast will discuss the classic and contemporaty pitfalls to avoid and reveal the secrets to reach success for your project.
Intensive Legal and Business Workshop
A  Full Day, 2-Part Intensive Masters Workshop
with a Literary Agent and Entertainment Lawyer for over 35 Years ,

Paul S. Levine

Sunday August 12, 2018

9:30 am "Acquiring Appropriate Rights For True-Life Stories"

1:30 pm "Selling a Literary or True Life-Story Project to Hollywood"