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No PR budget? No Worries: How To Obtain Thousands of $$$ of free publicity for your books

A Live Interactive Workshop

What’s the difference between “publicity” and “advertising”?  How can knowing the difference garner thousands of dollars in free publicity for your books?   These and many more important questions will be answered during this important workshop conducted by author, magazine writer, and former Public Relations specialist Sarah Howery Hart.

Ms. Hart pairs her experiences on “both sides of the fence,” both as a newspaper/magazine editor and also as a public relations specialist, to let you in on the “secret” world of the media, what editors and talk show hosts really want to know, in what form, and how you, as an author, can work with them to obtain free publicity.

In addition to understanding what “publicity” really is, you will also learn:

Tricks for Getting “In” With the Media :

  • Little-known tricks for creating publicity that is truly “news-worthy,” and therefore media-worthy.  
  • Special formulas for writing editor-enticing press releases and other materials.
  • Tricks for getting editors to run your releases verbatim, the way you want them.
  • Clues for making your readings, signings, and other functions interesting and media-worthy.  
  • Techniques for enticing editors to want to write even more about your book or event.

How to obtain the Best (critical)  Media “Placement”  

  • When and why to submit art and photos with your press releases.
  • How to design or choose art and photos to obtain desirable page placement.  
  • When to not send art and photos, and why.

Tips for Finding Undiscovered  Media Opportunities

  •  Tips for finding little-known venues for your publicity materials.
  • Secrets for creating your own unique opportunities.

Secrets to Understanding the Talk Show Media      

  • Tips for getting on talk shows to promote your work.
  • How to “manage” your own talk show experience.
  • How to get talk show hosts to ask the questions you want asked

Once “In” With the Media, How to Stay In

  • Tricks for respectfully going beyond “please” and “thank you,” and why you want to do that.  
  • Little known techniques that will make editors, talk show hosts, and interviewers call on you again and again.
  • Knowing the real submission deadlines.
Tips for “Smart” Publicity Submission Planning:
  • Tricks for planning that will allow you to meet those unpublished editorial deadlines.
  • Using “code” to easily organize your submission dates.

Obtaining thousands of dollars worth of free publicity for your books is easy once you understand the world of media personnel and their wants and needs, and how you, as author, can provide that. Sarah Howery Hart’s workshop will provide you the insider’s knowhow. Worksheets are included.

Instructor Sarah Howery Hart HartSarahHowery

Sarah Howery Hart holds a Master of Science degree and has completed extensive doctoral studies in clinical psychology, and has worked in the fields of behavioral science and clinical research through UCLA. Her work has been published in technical journals including Schizophrenia Research, Journal of Psychology Research, Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, and the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology.

She is an author and freelance magazine writer whose work has appeared in The Writer magazine;  Horizon Air in-flight magazine;  the Ventura County Star;   Recovery Living, Ojai Quarterly, and Ojai Monthly Real Estate and Lifestyle magazine. She was Executive Editor of Your Wedding Day magazine.  She is a ghostwriter, has been a journalist, ad agency copywriter and public relations professional. She lectures and conducts writers’ workshops, and is a film festival film reviewer. She has two fiction series, murder mysteries (Ring Master); and a fantasy (Fire Dog: The Treasure), and she is completing a Nonfiction book for “writers in distress.”

Ms. Hart is also a memoir ghostwriter, has been a journalist, advertising agency copywriter and public relations professional, with her work appearing nationally and internationally in magazines, newspapers, on the radio, and as promotional pieces. She has been a college instructor, and she lectures and conducts writers' workshops. She is also working on a Nonfiction book for "writers in distress."


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