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Eric L. Miller

How to Write a
Professional Synopsis
to Help Sell Your Books

An Intensive Writing Workshop
with Literary Agent

Eric Lincoln Miller
3ibooks Literary Agency

Saturday, February 11th, 2023
10:00 am -12:00 noon

Have you dreamed of writing a book and aren’t sure where to start?

Are you currently working on a book and never seem to finish?
Do you have a finished manuscript and need to approach agents and/or publishers?
Are you having trouble explaining what your book is about in a coherent way?

Why you should attend:

You’ve written your book and now it’s time to debut it to the world. This webinar will discuss the importance of the book synopsis as a tool to present your books to potential agents and editors. Writing the book itself (either fiction or nonfiction) is one thing but explaining the contents in a compelling and succinct way in a synopsis is trickier.

What You Will Learn:
  • The importance of writing a compelling synopsis in marketing language that will compel its readers (agents, acquiring editors, and Hollywood people) to want to read more.
  • Learn how to write:
    • A short synopsis (up to 1,000 words),
    • A medium-length summary (1,500 words max),
    • A longer one (1,800 words or more)
  • Learn the essential differences and why each is important and has different uses.
  • Tips and tricks to describe the plot, all its twists and turns, and how the book ends.

Each of these varieties has its usefulness, and the workshop will guide YOU in ways to best describe the plot and the contents in marketing language that will entice readers to want to learn more. Then, you will learn how to apply these guiding principles to describe your book in a meaningful way. 

Don't miss this Intensive Training Workshop where you can learn how to set your book and yourself on the right road for success!

Workshop Leader : Eric Lincoln Miller, Literary Agent

Eric L. Miller is a Book publishing sales and marketing professional with 30 years experience. Books are his passion.

His thoughts surround the words that draw the eye to the page and attract a person’s interest to keep reading. His family ran a successful book publishing business in Chicago (Academy Chicago Publishers), where he cut his teeth in the industry, learning the business of promoting authors and their wares, books. Ideas, stories, biographies, how to books, nothing in the industry surprises him, and there is no idea for a book that he cannot find an audience for.

3ibooks Literary Agency specializes in helping authors to create a dynamic platform with their books. 3ibooks stands for in-tune, inspire, and invoke action.

Eric's specialty is in the marketing of your dream. He do the leg work, the research and assist in the design and copy of the covers for your book. His job is to help you, the author, promote yourself through your work. He can handle the nuts and bolts of the process of writing, publishing and promoting your book.

Saturday, February 11th, 2023
10:00 am -12:00+ noon

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