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What is the purpose of each conference?

West Coast Writers Conferences (WC2) produces several major conferences annually, as well as several retreats, workshops and events for writers. The purpose of each conference is different. Between them, you learn all aspects of the craft and business of writing, creative writing, how to write and market to different genres, and gain insight into the new paradigms for digital media, as well as how to Indie publish your work, should you chose to follow that path.

WC2 ConferenceAttendees will find every event informative, educational and inspirational from (what we call the Triple-A's: Aspiring writers just getting started, to Active writers with works in progress, and through Accomplished writers (both traditionally and Indie published ) who are looking to improve their skills and broaden their horizons. We suggest you consult the main page of each conference for details »

What are the costs -- can I afford this?

Admission is always reasonable compared to other similar events. You can attend for even less if you are a member of an approved writer's club/group, such as the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, or attend Los Angeles Valley College, thanks to the IDEAS program. We also have a program with no money down and no interest if paid as follows:

The Keynote Address (with complimentary lunch) is also a bargain if you register early. Rates will rise by the month. If you are serious about the craft and business of your writing, you can't afford not to attend these informative workshops.

Why are your events often less expensive than others?

WC2 holds events at easy-to-access locations that are more cost-effective for attendees. We also negotiate hard with hotels and facilities who offer great service and want our quality of event and clientele. We save hard money with this philosophy, so you save, too. We are writers -- like you -- who understand that everyone is on a budget. And we have a philosophy to "under promise and over deliver" so you always feel that you have received good value.

Who are the speaker/instructors?

speaker The faculty is composed of industry experts, well-known educators, award-winning authors, respected literary agents, and publishers of many genres, all veterans in one or more aspects of the publishing industry. They are professionals in the mainstream and on the forefront of the publishing world. 

While we invite perennial favorites back(selected by attendees surveys from previous events) we also include fresh faces and viewpoints at every opportunity. Consult individual conferences for a faculty list. You'll be impressed.

Can I meet and talk with them?

Absolutely. Each session include a Q&A segment, and we encourage networking opportunities between sessions, during lunch, and afterwards. We encourage guest speakers to join the audience of other sessions, as many are friends and enjoy sharing the experience.

What should I bring with me?

students Beyond a notebook, spare pens ( we often have extras for free), a laptop, and comfortable shoes, we suggest you bring business cards, a synopsis of your current project, perhaps the first ten pages or three chapters on CDs or a thumb drive, and an open mind.

We also suggest business-casual attire, depending on the season. And of course, a PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. It helps keep you open to learn and grow as a writer.

Are literary agents required to take manuscripts to keep attendees satisfied, or are they really interested?

Literary agents are invited for their expertise as industry experts, and to have a venue to find talented, new clients. They are under no obligation to take any attendees material, but many do. Subsequently, some agents have signed new authors for book deals and reached publication. We can't imagine an agent that would honor a stipulation from a promoter requiring them to take material from attendees. Remember, agents don't make money until they sell your book or screenplay. Our roster is genuinely interested if they say so.

How much time will I have with an agent / editor / publisher during the 1-on-1 Sessions?

Attendee with Industry Professional WC2 schedules appointment blocks with each professional based on the average time they want to spend. We do NOT endorse "speed dating" where someone rings a bell after three to five minutes and you are forced to move on. Editors have been know to spend an hour with a client, though that's not usually necessary -- they do their work ahead of time, so you get the best feedback in a timely fashion.

Sometimes an agent will say "thanks, but no thanks" within a few minutes. Hopefully they will explain why. If that happens, please be gracious, accept their input, and move on. If an agent is interested in your project, and the next appointment has arrived, they have the option to schedule extra time to meet with you either at a later hour or date. We want to speed you to success, but not any faster than works for both parties.

Why should I chose your conferences over another?

This answer may surprise you – try to attend as many educational events for writers as you can afford. Most have something to contribute to your career as a writer. Some are too expensive, or offer an unfocused theme. That said, is it our goal to offer the most informative sessions, current topics and learned voices in the industry. We want to inspire and motivate you to improve your writing and chances for success. Therefore, if you can only afford to attend one conference, we hope you will chose this one, with our humble thanks.

How do I find the location?

We post a bevy of maps, details and directions on the main page of each event.

Where should I stay - do you have a hotel deal?

We have a terrific bargain with freebies and bonuses posted on the location page of each event.

Is there a code of conduct?

students Exercise common civil courtesy and be respectful of all speakers and attendees at all times -- whether or not you agree with their point of view. Bullying and disrespectful behavior will earn the offender an instant exit from the conference with no refund.

We also ask that you avoid political and religious arguments. WC2 events offer an educational and inspirational experience for writers of all genres and disciplines, not a platform for political or religious commentary. Violators will not be welcome back.

WC2 strives to have a diversity of opinion, so that you hear all sides of an issue. Expect to receive a variety of answers to your questions and advice for success. Retain what works for you while respecting the opinion of others.

Everyone asks: Why do different sections of your website have different background colors?

Because WC2 produces multiple events annually, and the color coordination helps differentiate and give each a personality within the common theme. As of 2020, we use these color palates for the backgrounds:

Main WC2 site: a Vintage Earth-tone
Genre-LA Creative Writing Conference: Blue
The Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference: Brown
California Creative Writers Conference: Sand
The Digital Author & Indie Publishing Conference: Green
The Masters Workshops: Silver/platinum

Sections common to all events are also in a vintage brown.

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