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West Coast Writers Conferences (WC2) is committed to providing writers of all genres and levels with information, education and consultation in the craft and business of writing. Each event features educators, industry professionals, agents, publishers and experts in various disciplines.

There are many advantages of attending a WC2 conference:

Curriculum First. Each conference is tailored to benefit the greatest number of writers / attendees, regardless of the topic. An event that takes a "shotgun" approach to programming doesn't provide the best education for attendee. Rather than lump together a series of panels and workshops based on who is available on a given date, our conferences and workshops are developed with the curriculum first. Then, the most talented professionals are sought to conduct each topic.

lecture class The writer tracks are programmed in a logical, progressive order, much like a scholastic curriculum. Rather than use terms like "freshman", "junior" or "senior," or "high school", "college", or "post-grad" we refer to "aspiring," "active" and "accomplished" writers to help you seek your own level of interest. You learn in a group of your peers, regardless of age or background, where everyone is relatively at the same level of expertise. The result is a more rewarding educational experience for everyone.

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