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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Luncheon
Nov 09, 2019

12:30-2:00 pm

Traditional Publishing vs Indie /DIY Publishing - What's Right for You?

What are some of the major differences when it comes to self-published, Indie, hybrid and traditionally published books for authors in regards to sales and marketing, distribution and PR behind the book? Where will you make the most money? How can you make sure that your book is successful? What are some of the platforms that will help you promote your self-published or Indie published book? The literary industry is always evolving and there are many ways to make sure that your book becomes a success. But what does success really mean in the literary industry across these mediums?

Join us for a delicious lunch buffet and this panel of professionals to find out more about each publishing platform and get a better idea of what is right for you!

Keynote Lunch
Keynote Luncheon
with Beverages
Note: There is a Welcoming Keynote, a Saturday Prime Keynote, and a Closing Keynote on Sunday. 
The Saturday Keynote is the only one at an extra cost where a gourmet all-you can eat buffet is served.