California Creative Writers Conference (AI, Fiction, Screenplays)

March 22-24, 2024

This is a fully VIRTUAL conference – using Zoom as well as social media streaming.

We are planning an in-person no host social. Details to be released.

Why this Conference is Unique

The CCWC™ is a great opportunity for you to experience a personal education and inspirational guidance from more than 40 literary agents, best-selling authors, veteran educators, industry professionals, professional editors, and publishers.

Unlike many conferences focusing on one discipline or genre, we offer education in fiction (literary and commercial), nonfiction (narrative and technical) and screenwriting (film and TV), all at the hands of veterans who’ve been doing one or the other—or all three!—for many years. Learn the craft and business of the writing you’re interested in, and learn how to take your career to the next level.

What’s new

Worried about AI? You needn’t be. We will show you – without being technical – how to harness it for the power of good. Or evil, if that’s the kind of book you’re writing.

WC2 has added two new tracks for this conference! AI will be it’s own track, and we are expanding Screenwriting to a full third of the conference.

SoCal is, after all, a company town.

A Professional Event for Serious Writers

You benefit from the most informed presentations and the latest information from the world of publishing. And along with perennial favorites, we offer important fresh voices and industry experts to widen your wealth of knowledge. Plus you have the opportunity to meet and network in person with literary agents, editors, and industry professionals Learn more…to help guide you on the path to success.

Meet and Pitch Literary Agents, Scouts, and Publishers

Yes, you can meet and pitch literary agents and publishers looking for new talent with polished manuscripts. That’s why they attend the conference — to meet you. We even offer a workshop of agents & publishers du jour to help you prepare for a 1-on-1 pitch meeting. During our past conferences, attendees have secured representation and many book deals. In fact, one agent signed an author and landed her a three book deal with a major publisher! Want to meet literary agents and professional editors, network with industry professionals?We can’t guarantee you will also sign a deal, but book contracts do happen.


Screenwriter and Director Christine Coradt, the primary writer behind Lifetime’s successful ‘at 17’ movies, pitched literary agent Ken Sherman an idea — at a West Coast Writer’s Conference – to turn those movies into novels.

A few months later, Christine, and the production company that produced the movies, signed a six-figure deal with HarperCollins for the first three books.

Written for the YA market, each of these thrillers follow a different 17 year old girl as she enters into a dangerous romance with an alluring stranger.

Christine Conradt met Ken Sherman at a West Coast Writers Conference!

Will you be our next success story?

Read more about Christine at:
X: @CConradtFacebook: FB/ScreenwriterChristineConradt


Why you should register now

WC2 conferences offer you better, deeper early discounts than most other events. That’s because we don’t know any rich writers and want to make our events as affordable for the greatest number of writers as possible. Take advantage of insight from almost 50 speakers conducting workshops. Plus you can take advantage of free 1-on-1 pitch sessions with literary agents, editors and publishers – yes, even virtually.  It’s a memorable event for writers of all genres and disciplines — plus get early-bird tuition discounts (with no interest financing available).

If you attend our in-person meetings, we will offer you reusable swag-bags. John Gwinner has been grocery shopping for years with WC Writers bags.

Zoom virtual conferences may save as much as 66 times more Carbon than traveling to in person events!


Do it for the environment!