West Coast Writers Conferences (WC2) offers writers of all genres and disciplines a wealth of essential information, inspiration, education and consultation in the craft and business of writing. Each event, from half-day workshops to writing retreats, to full weekend conferences, features industry experts, educators, agents, publishers, and best-selling authors in one or more disciplines and genres.

Advantages of attending a WC2 conference

EventCurriculum First. Each event is tailored to benefit the greatest number of attendees, within the focus. Programs at some other events may not provide the benefits you desire, because their curriculum is not the first priority. Rather than lump panels and workshops together simply based on who is available on a given date, WC2 develops the curriculum first, then identifies the most talented educators to conduct each topic.

classCost-Effective. WC2 strives to keep our events affordable for writers by presenting them at facilities with a lower overhead, and offer amenities more in-line with a writer’s financial resources. This makes it feasible for more writers to attend, which helps offset the lower pricing. Save money. Learn more.

Friendly atmosphereFriendly atmosphere Friendly Peer-to-Peer Atmosphere. WC2 events are often held at educational facilities in a quality peer-to-peer, friendly, learning environment. As WC2 is owned and operated by writers, we work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere, so you feel a part of our “Ohana” (family).

Objectivity. WC2 strives to present many different points of view at each conference without fostering a particular perspective or opinion. We try to remain neutral and allow you to choose the most appropriate path to reach your goals as a writer.

Our staff is chosen for their expertise and friendliness. Many are fellow writers and veterans of other conferences, so they are well-versed in the needs of the event and attendees. Also, we are fortunate to maintain a higher than usual staff-to-attendee ratio, so you get more VIP attention at every turn. (Read Testimonials) Above all, WC2 events are focused on providing a quality learning experience in an affordable, inspirational and educational environment with the best resources in the country.