Navigating the Wilds of Book Promotion

Between Amazon ads, social media, podcasts and a trillion review sites, it can be overwhelming what to do or where to start. Here, we discuss some good strategies for planning and executing your PR plan.

Author Ecosystems: A New Paradigm for Careerbuilding

So many books, articles, courses, and videos about “Building a Successful Writing Career” all seem to say “write only what’s hot on the market right now, write series not standalone novels, publish fast, and shift to the next trend as soon as...

It Takes a Village to Raise a Writer

Writers practice their craft in different ways. Some toil in dark garrets, some work in airy coffee shops or on their commute. The best writers join a community of like-minded friends for inspiration, critique, help, and camaraderie. In this sessions, Nic Nelson,...

Welcome to the California Creative Writer’s Conference

Welcome to the CCWC John Gwinner will introduce you to the newest West Coast Writer’s Conference, a completely virtual conference. We have a new technique with scheduling to allow “after session” chat time with the panelists and other members. We...

Editorial Nitpicking panel

A perennial favorite, the Editor Nitpicking panel will cover all of the things – incorrect things – that writers do constantly that drive Editors to … well, not alcohol, but certainly to distraction.